Fast turnaround site plan

Scott Lee of SB architects, and Rich Centollello of EDSA  joined forces to present concept design for a resort in the Carribbean. They called me because they needed a beautiful rendering of their site plan which included a  hotel, villas,  permanent residences, and a marina for world class yachts. There was a crashing deadline and both teams were working hard on design for the plan and buildings.  I was able to synthesize their various sketches, drawings, and reference photos into this formal watercolor painting.

My process for rendering  site plans is to do a single sheet line drawing in pencil. This unifies the line quality and has a weight and feel perfectly fitting the watercolor painting that will follow. I have the client approve the drawing first, then transfer it to my watercolor painting and have at it.

line art of caribbean resort site plan

SB Architects

I show progress scans at appropriate intervals, and deliver a hi res digital file upon completion.