Architectural Visualization

for Architects, Developers, and Marketers
Watercolor Architectural Renderings

Watercolor Renderings

Traditional architectural renderings creatively focus on project highlights. The evocative impact of hand art emotionally pulls your client into the project.

Digital Hybrid Architectural Renderings

Digital Paintings

Modern techniques guided by traditional methods sharpen project details, enhance the sense of place and artistically render design and material.

CG Architectural Rendering

CG Rendering

Our team’s computer generated architectural renderings produce accurately detailed design, honoring proportion, scale, and material while being directed with artistic intent.

Virtual Reality for Real Estate

Virtual Reality

Brings imagery to life through interactive experiences, allowing participants to engage with design 3-dimensionally in real time. The wow factor makes VR a great sales tool.

We worked with Jon under a very tight time frame for a difficult client. Jon’s willingness to respond quickly by making adjustments where necessary was outstanding and truly collaborative. The water color of his rendering, understanding of light, and ability to convey mood helped to illustrate the tangible, as well as, the intangible qualities of the project. During the process, his ability to communicate helped to facilitate in the end a very successful presentation.

William H. Fain, Jr.

Co-President, Managing Partner, Director of Urban Design & Planning, Johnson Fain

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